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About myAllergy

myAllergy was born out of Mit Sharma's experience with his daughter, whom when she was a baby had an anaphylactic shock after eating and was rushed to hospital, where it was discovered she was seriously allergic to several major foodstuffs.

At the heart of our company is our community of people who suffer from allergies, intolerances or simply choose to consume free from food.

The goal of myAllergy is to be an all in one platform which helps people live with their food allergies. Our initial focus is to educate people about their allergy as well as provide a marketplace with a diverse range of free from products, including gluten free and lactose free.

myAllergy is currently based in London, UK. For all inquiries please contact us by email.

Our Team


Mit - CEO


Mit is a lactose intolerant allergy dad. He started myAllergy because he wants more options for people who suffer from food allergies and intolerances.


Selwyn - Co-Founder


Selwyn is a co-founder of myAllergy. He's currently the VP of UCB Pharmaceuticals.


Heidar - CTO


Heidar is the CTO of myAllergy. He's a product person with a lot of experience in building startups.