Favourite Gluten-Free Recipes


Hey guys! Post all your favourite gluten-free recipes here.


Let me the first one to share my gluten-free recipes:

Name of Recipes: Baked Salmon with Corn Relish

Try to learn to love fish. Many of us have had bad experiences eating fish that wasn’t very fresh (and was fishy tasting) or fish that wasn’t prepared correctly. The trick to fish is to buy it fresh and never overcook it. This salmon with corn relish is a super simple recipe (just 5 ingredients) that takes no time to make.

1½ lb. fresh salmon
2 ears fresh corn, or ¾ cup frozen corn if fresh isn’t available
1 avocado
Juice of 1 lime
4 tsp. Mary’s Secret Spice (MSS) or 2 tsp. each of cumin and chili powder


Step 1: Prepare the fish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Rub a teaspoon of MSS on each salmon fillet and place in a baking dish coated with cooking spray.

Bake salmon 15 minutes or until meat is pink and flakes easily.

Step #2: Prepare relish

In a skillet coated with cooking spray, sauté corn in olive oil, season with salt and pepper.

Cook about 3 minutes.

Step #3 Prepare relish

Combine corn, diced avocado and lime juice in a bowl and stir together gently.

Step #4: Finish

Top salmon with relish and serve.