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We’re slightly bias, but we think the MyAllergy app is pretty great. Born out of Mit Sharma's experience with his daughter who suffered from serious allergies from a very young age, we know all about living with allergies and the highs, lows, frustrations and minor inconveniences that go along with it.

As a school or business, you know this too – and you know how serious the consequences can be. Printing off a bit of paper with a child or colleague’s food allergy information and sticking it on the wall is out dated and completely inefficient. The MyAllergy app takes the stress out of this completely.

With every child or member of staff’s food allergy and intolerance information in one central place, you can manage their condition better. The passports can be shared easily with whoever needs to see them – from your catering staff to your head teacher. We can help with the set-up and management of the app, but it’s so easy to use – we promise!

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